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Flyer An overview of the myHomeControl® functions and application examples could be found in the:
Brochure "myHomeControl® Technical Edition" >


For further details please consult the:
myHomeControl® Manual >

Video Following videos are showing how to use myHomeControl®:
Operation by the end user (e.g. the owner of the home)(German speaking) >
Create a Project (German speaking) >



Download the latest version of the software / evaluation software:

latest version :

V1.2.22 SP6 (July 15. 2021)

- Vista SP1
- Win7
- Win8
- Win10

Win Download>

Windows will show a warnig after download due to the renewal of the code signing certificate.

Please use the corresponding button to install anyway.


latest XP compatible Version:

V1.2.20 SP13 (13.Apr.2016)

- XP
- Vista SP1
- Win7
- Win8
- Win10

Win Download>

New versions only start when working in demo mode or with a license only if the update permission has not yet expired!

The set-up wizard will guide you through the installation process.

Start myHomeControl® using the menu

Known Bugs >
Release Notes >

Previous versions >


The myHomeControl® software is protected by copyright. Installing or use of the software has to be licensed. The use of the evaluation version of the software (some functions are restricted) is for free. The license agreement terms and conditions have to be accepted.


The versions available are operable, but the communication function of the evaluation SW is restricted to 2 actuator channels and 3 sensor channels. It is possible to insert more then 2 actuators or more then 3 sensors into the project, but then the radio communication will be disabled. A license is required if more actuators and/or more sensors are used.


Release Notes >

Actual Version :

myHomeControl V1.2.22 SP6 (July 15. 2021)

Win Download>

The set-up wizard will guide you through the installation process.

Previous versions

myHomeControl V1.2.21 SP25 (09.07.2019) >
myHomeControl V1.2.20 SP13 (13.04.2016) >
myHomeControl V1.2.19 SP4 (08.07.2014) >
myHomeControl V1.2.18 SP6 (20.11.2013) >
myHomeControl V1.2.17 SP11 (01.07.2013) >
myHomeControl V1.2.16 SP7 (07.09.2012) >
myHomeControl V1.2.15 SP3 (06.05.2012) >






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