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Product description

myHomeControl® is an extension to the EnOcean radio bus system and all the different hardware devices. It is a PC-Program runing under Windows.

What is myHomeControl® able to do:

myHomeControl® reacts to the environment and to different living situations. Therefore it is able to:

  • Save Energy
  • Improve the Security
  • Enhance the comfort

myHomeControl® enables you to define functions as you wish and to visualize and control them using a touchscreen. Visualization and control form a single unit.

myHomeControl® is easy to be operated and configured.

Some Samples:

Energy Saving

myHomeControl® saves energy by turning of lights in case they is not further need, lowering folling shutters during the night phase consequently and by lowering the heating temperature during absence of the inhabitants.
Presence Simulation

myHomeControl® closes the rolling shutters / sun blinds when it gets dark, is turning the light on and off in different rooms and when it gets morning the blinds are opened as usual. With this function in use, the house really will look “lived in” when you are away. Absence >

myHomeControl® manages the position of the sunblinds according to the weather and the altitude of the sun. The altitude of the sun is considered based on the daytime and date. Sun Shading >
Scenes / Light control myHomeControl® can be used to switch or dim individual lights or groups of lights automatically, based on the time of day, or the use that the room is being put to, or whether the house is in use or empty, or some external event (e.g. Intruder Alarm triggered).
myHomeControl® operates as a scene-setting light control system. Scenes may be stored and recalled by a fingertip. The scenes include light control and sun blinds management. Scenes >

Security / Monitoring

myHomeControl® monitors the doors, windows and lights. Before leaving the house at a glance check which window is open and where is the light still switched on. Security >
Load Limitation
myHomeControl® monitors the power consumption level and controls the total load by turning off and on various electrical consumers in case there are constraints given by the power provider.

myHomeControl® supports most of the commonly used cameras (USB, IP). Life pictures may be embedded into the visualisation.

Clock Timer
myHomeControl® can. Daylight& Time >

myHomeControl® daylight switch knows the sunrise time and the sunset time. The calculation is based on date, time and the altitude of the sun. Daylight& Time >

myHomeControl® evaluates the timing to irrigate your plants or processes the irrigation process by it self. Irrigation >

myHomeControl® may send out alarms using e-mail, SMS or phone calls. The alarm condition may be formed as desired e.g. if in case of absence a window is opened.
Remote Control

myHomeControl® may be remote controlled using the local network, the Internet or mobile phones.


  1. Customer specific user interface
  2. Attractive, predefined visualization objects
  3. Real time status indication
  4. View of the floors
  5. Support of different user groups
  6. Simple touch screen operation
  7. Intuitive graphical programming
  8. The application is built with ready-made functions.
  9. Library of building control functions
  10. Functions for improving the energy efficiency
  11. Modifications can be loaded during operation






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